Italiano madrelingua, cinese e inglese fluente, coreano intemedio

Salve a tutti, dopo diversi anni di lavoro qui a Qingdao sono alla ricerca di un nuovo lavoro.

Di sotto trovate una mia breve presentazione:

我叫刘志雄,英文名字是Marco,意大利人。我的母语是意大利语, 可以流利的说·读·写意大利语、中文和英文,并且韩文达到了中级水平。我的上一份工作是青岛第六中中意项目意大利教学的负责人(3年)。 结束在学校工作后我在两个公司作了实习:两个都 在S&M:一个是F&B,另外的一个是关于汽车工业的。我来中国之前在韩国三星集团旗下奢侈品品牌做总经理&总设计师助理,主要负责品牌的引进,技术推广及文化交流等工作。 我在寻找有关我工作经验的职位,也不排斥新的工作领域。 我了解HACCP法律, 我在餐馆服务业工作过。希望贵公司能给我一个工作的机会,我的表现不会让您失望。 
My Italian name is Marco, I'm Italian and my Chinese name is Liu Zhixiong. My mother tongue is Italian and I can speak, read and write fluently in Italian, Chinese, English and I posses an intermediate level of Korean. I ended my job as office manager and Italian professor at the No. 6 middle school in Qingdao (3 years). After this experience I did two internships, both in the S&M field: one in the F&B industry and another one in the automative industry.  Before coming to China I was employed as assistant to the Ceo and Chief designer of the fashion luxury department at Samsung in South Korea. My primary resposibility was to be the primary contact between Italy and Korea and to promote the brand in the Korean market. I have knowledge of HACCP law and I worked in the hospitality field.
I'm open to positions related or not to my previous job experiences.

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